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The longest night - linocut print, A1 size

The longest night - linocut print, A1 size


€ 108.90 - price with VAT included (EU countries only)


The first batch of 50/100 is sold out and will be shipped on the 27th of January.

The pre-sale for the second batch is closed and orders will be shipped on the 10th of February.


Linoleum block is designed and hand-carved by Emīls Salmiņš.

Printed by Rūta Salmiņa using an etching press.


Size: 841 x 594 mm
Paper: Surrey Cartridge - 150gsm - Warm, creamy shade. Woodfree, acid free, matt surface.
Color: Black

Prints are limited to 100.
Every print comes signed and numbered.


''The longest night'' - inspired by an old latvian tradition where people wore masks and went from house to house singing, dancing and making noise.  They dressed up as animals, mythological creatures as well as inanimate objects. People did this during the long and dark winter time, especially at the beginning and end of winter, as well as the winter solstice time.

  • Disclaimer

    Due to the nature of printmaking, each print is one of a kind so it may look a little bit different than others. There can be some errors, for example some ink stains or small unprinted areas.

  • Shipping

    Shipped in a cardboard tube.
    All shippments are tracked.

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