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The selection of prints available is a mix of signed & numbered prints and misprints. In a limited edition set of prints we pick the ones that are the most consistent with each other and we sign & number them. For various reasons some prints don't make the cut. These are labeled as 'misprints' and put aside.

SIGNED & NUMBERED PRINTS ON SALE: There are some prints in excellent condition that were put aside in case we need to replace a package. There are prints that got sent back to us and were unclaimed. There are also prints that got creased up or got smudged.

MISPRINTS ON SALE: Some have under-inked or over-inked areas, or smudges. Some were printed slightly off-center or maybe have creases in the paper. All of them look good overall by our own standards. Many just need a clever way of framing them to hide the defect.


Please read the description of each print before purchasing!

And have a look at the pictures to get an idea of what the print could look like!

Unfortunately it's not possible to pick a specific copy of a print.

We know it's a bit of a gamble, but we hope the discounted price makes up for it!


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