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Book 'Midnight Creatures'

Book 'Midnight Creatures'


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Hard cover book - 160 pages

This book contains a ­collection of ­drawings, ­studies and fine art paintings I have done in the last couple of years, all related to ­tattoo ­subjects. As a ­tattooer it’s been a passion for me to draw in my free time, and it’s really ­interesting to see the development of my own capabilities. In this book you can notice that some of my ­older work has more of a ­neotraditional feel, with ­realistic subject matter. I’ve been painting this way for about a decade, and only in the last ­couple of years I’ve ­started to do more ­monochrome and ­contrasting ­images, with more defined ­subjects and with a ­traditional look. ­Before that it was all about colours for me. I still have some colour work in this book. But in the recent time period, I’ve been exploring new techniques of how to create a ­contrasting image using only black ink. Most of the drawings have been done with the ­purpose of being in this book.The subject matter is mainly based on folk art of different cultures, for example, ­Latvian ­mythology or Eastern folk tales. There’s also some religious ­imagery and a lot of different ­animals and flowers. Most of the ­subject matter is pretty dark, whether it’s the look of it or the meaning behind it. A lot of the subject positions and compositions are based on ­vintage ­illustrations.This book also contains relevant ­commentary with thoughts, inspirations, ­subject descriptions and meanings and so on. But keep in mind that many ­descriptions of subjects are very ­simplified and do not cover the whole story. I encourage you to do your own research to find out more. A lot of the drawings have been done as ­tattoos. Please respect the artwork and use it only as a ­reference to create your own ­designs.At the end of the book I have also added a ­painting tutorial with descriptions of things and techniques I use for my paintings.

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