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SAULE - large size single layer lino print

SAULE - large size single layer lino print


€ 108.90 - price with VAT included (EU countries only)


Saule (Sun).

Linoleum block is designed, hand-carved, and printed by Emīls Salmiņš using an etching press.


Approximate size: 84 x 42,5 cm

Paper: Surrey Cartridge - 150gsm - Warm, creamy shade.

Color: Black


Prints are limited to 100.

Every print comes signed and numbered.

  • Disclaimer

    Due to the nature of printmaking, each print is one of a kind so it may look a little bit different than others. There can be some errors, for example some ink stains or small unprinted areas.

  • Shipping

    Shipped in a cardboard tube.
    All shippments are tracked.

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